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Darcy's Botanical's Terms & Conditions of Use

You agree & acknowledge that by choosing to browse and access this site, including but not limited to product usage and order placement, that you have read, comprehend and agree to our terms and conditions that follow without limits or qualifications.

Shipping & Delivery
We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail or USPS Parcel Post (depending on location) and will provided you with timely email communication and delivery confirmation when your order is shipped. USPS Priority Mail usually averages about 2-3 delivery days and USPS Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation averages about 2-3 days as well. Please allow us 2-3 business days from the time you place your order to process & prepare your hair & skin care treats. All of our products are handmade FRESH to order every week to provide you with the best quality possible. Please allow USPS an additional 2-3 business days after our product preparation time (2-3 business days) to deliver your order.
Our Privacy Commitment
Your privacy is very important to us. Darcy’s Botanicals, LLC. guarantees to NEVER rent, sell, or provide any of your personal information to anyone including other companies or third party organizations. Your information will only be used by us to enhance & personalize your service experience.
Refunds & Returns
All of our products are freshly handmade to order just for you. Therefore, we cannot refund or accept returns that have been opened or used. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your treats so we can provide you with the best customer service solution possible.
Please allow us 2-3 business days to freshly prepare your hair & skin care treats. All of our treats are handmade FRESH to order to provide you with the best quality possible. All orders are billed when placed and can take up to (3) business days to be settled, authorized and/or captured by credit card companies.
Copyrights & Site Restrictions
All content and images on are owned by Darcy's Botanicals LLC and protected by United States copyright laws. Our content may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the written permission of Darcy's Botanicals. All product names, brand names, trade marks and service marks on this site belong to Darcy's Botanicals and may not be used or reproduced at all. We reserve the right to remove, approve and/or edit any content submitted to our site.
Amendment of Terms & Condtions
Darcy's Botanicals reserves the right to change our Terms & Conditions of Use at any time.
Applicable Law
Our terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in agreement with the laws of the State of Georgia. The information contained on this website, product descriptions, and/or labels should not be taken as medical advice. We therefore exclude to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law any and all express or implied warranties, including but not limited to the warranties of product suitability. You hereby agree that Darcy's Botanicals is not liable under any conditions or circumstances in relation to the use or purchase of our products, website content, computer damage as a result of using our site or links on our site, or injuries sustained or resulting from adverse reactions or allergies to our products.
Darcy’s Botanicals products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any conditions.

Please use our products with the same care and caution that you would use with any other products. Keep away from children. Do NOT eat our products. Use only for the purposes for which they are intended. We are not liable for any misuse of our products. The information provided on our website is provided as general information for your knowledge and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please keep in mind that because each person's hair & skin is unique, the product ingredients may or may not work as intended.

For persons with skin sensitivities and allergies, please do a skin patch test before fully using our products. If any redness or skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately and consult your physician. Our feelings will not be hurt:) We are not responsible for any allergic reactions to the ingredients used in our products.

If you are pregnant or suffer from any health condition, please consult your physician before using any of our herbal (botanical) products. Some botanical ingredients are not made for persons that are pregnant or living with certain health conditions. Please take the time to research all ingredients before using any of our products on your hair or skin. Again, we are not responsible for any reactions to the ingredients used in our products.

Because our products are hand-mixed using pure oils and natural butters, there can & will be slight variations in texture and color from time to time with ingredients sourced directly from nature. Always know that the quality is never compromised. We promise to always provide you with the best quality ingredients and the best customer service possible.