4 Stages of Skin Care

There are several main steps for skin care:

  • cleansing;
  • toning;
  • moisturizing and nourishing;
  • protection.


Proper care begins with cleansing. This significant procedure must be done in the morning and in the evening. This procedure cannot be missed.

Dust, dirt, exhaust fumes, microbes – all these cover the face during the day. If you do not clean your face in a timely manner, or do it carefully, then dark sports and rashes quickly appear.

At night, the face skin rests, but by the morning the particles of dust and the remnants of funds cover your face that you used the day before. Therefore, in the morning the face must also be thoroughly cleaned. The purifying process must be carried out step by step. Here’s how to do it right:

if you use makeup, first remove it with a makeup remover. To do this, you can use gentle means such as cleansing milk or micellar water. And you can successfully manage any vegetable oil or fatty baby cream. These funds are equally suitable for removing cosmetics. If any of the problems with your skin appear it is better to use medical treatment for this. All the necessary products and herbal supplements to provide a high-quality protection for your face skin.

when removing makeup, do not rub your face strongly, especially in the eye area. Wet the cotton pad and just apply it for a few seconds to the eyelids or to the lips. And only after that, easily wipe off the leftovers of cosmetics.4 Stages of Skin Care

do not use toilet soap to clean the skin. Because of the high content of alkali, it dries the skin, which later will accentuate its flaccidity.

after removing the makeup, wash your face. The water temperature should be comfortable. Remember that too hot water damages the skin, expands the pores and causes flaccidity. It is best to wash with slightly cool water.

do not put a cleaning product on the face immediately. Squeeze a little on the palm, make a foam, and then apply the completed substance on the face. It is necessary to wash off such a means carefully. His remnants provoke a blockage of pores.

At the stage of cleansing, you can use all sorts of brushes, sponges for the face. All these devices gently massage the skin and improve blood circulation. But watch out for the skin condition.


After the purification is completed, it is necessary to proceed to the next stage – toning. It helps to remove the remains of the cleanser and make-up from the face and restore the acid-base skin balance.

Various tonics and lotions for the face are suitable for toning. They can be prepared at home. Broths of herbs perfectly cope with this task. Herbal preparations with chamomile, mint, thyme and celandine have a positive effect on the skin condition.

For best effect, you can freeze such infusions in the ice molds and wipe the already clean skin with ice cubs. This procedure is very useful for the face, it tones up and tightens the skin, relieves inflammation and redness. Do not use alcohol tonic, they dry the skin and can trigger an allergic reaction.

Moisturizing and Nourishing

In the stages of skin care, moisturizing is mandatory. If there is not enough moisture, the epidermis becomes dry, loses its brightness and color, and wrinkles appear.

The main care for the skin during moisturizing is the correct water intake schedule. You should drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day. It is useful to start your day with a glass of water on an empty stomach. It’s better if it’s a little warm water with a lemon. No drinks and teas will replace potable water.

Depending on your skin type, choose a cream or gel to moisten your face. For dry skin, fatty creams are perfectly suitable, which penetrate into skin cells and nourish them from the inside.

With oily skin is better to use a gel for the face. It will moisturize, and not leave a greasy shine, which on such a skin appears very quickly. Moisturizing oily skin is also necessary. If this is not done, the sebaceous glands begin to actively produce skin fat, which causes pimples and comedones.

To care for the area around the eyes, moisturizing serums and creams are used, depending on the skin type.

Useful nutritional masks for the face and eye area can be prepared at home.

Qualitative face care is not possible without nutrients. They saturate the cells with the necessary substances, helping them stay moisturized. Nourishing face creams should be applied overnight.


A very important factor in proper face care is protection. External factors negatively affect the skin condition. We regularly expose it to the wind and cold, dry air and the flaming sun.

In the hot season, the sun is aggressive towards the human body and face. Flaming sun rays destroy the lipid barrier, dehydrate the skin and increase the level of melanin in the human body.

Scientists have proven that excessive tanning leads to premature aging and can cause skin cancer. To protect yourself, use sunscreen means. If you plan to stay in direct sunlight for more than 3 hours, you may need to reapply the product.

For protection in the summer, it is necessary to care about skin not only with the help of cosmetics but also use the elements of the wardrobe. Wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps will not allow ultraviolet rays to come into contact with the skin and hair. Good sunglasses will protect the eyes and tender eyelid skin. They will eliminate the need to squint in bright light, which will slow the appearance of facial wrinkles.

In winter, a person needs protection not only from cold and wind but also from the sun. In winter, you need to use sunscreen, as well. In the case of severe frost, use a cream containing lanolin. This natural remedy protects against overcooling.

Proper skin care will protect against adverse external influences: flaming sun, frost, strong wind, cold rain.