Raves & Reviews

Organic Palm Fruit & Cherry Kernel Butter

“Moisturizing without feeling greasy. I like this product a lot. My hair says thank you!”

Dana (New Jersey)

Peach Kernel (Natural Curls) Hydrating Milk

“Another winner. I love the peach fragrance. It makes my hair soft and I love it on twists. I would definitely buy this again.”

Nicole (New Jersey)
“Love this! I need a 16 oz. size because I don’t ever want to be without this.”

Sharey (California)
“This stuff smells heavenly and works wonders on my unruly curls. Thanks so much!”

Erin (Massachusetts)
“Loved the product & Very quick shipping! Thank you!”

G.B. (Virginia)
“I absolutely love this scent. The scent transfers to my hair and I can’t stop smelling it. It softens my hair as well. Thanks so much.

Desanne (Florida)

South African Lavender Glaze

“A wonderful product that arrived quickly, securely, and beautifully packaged. Thank you! I’d recommend this for a touch of luxury!”

Dana (New Jersey)


“Luxurious oil that feels so great on my skin. The lavender is great at calming the senses as well!”

Shanesha (Michigan)


“This was my first purchase from this seller and I’m so happy with the body glaze! It smells wonderful and makes my skin feel so soft! I also really appreciated the most generous sample of bath salts. I was very impressed!!”

Judy (New York)

Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme

“Wonderful product!!! It arrived very fast and the packaging is very professional! I wasn’t sure if I liked the bourbon-like smell of the cream but it dissipated into a very lovely vanilla aroma when applied to my hair. The texture is incredible…thick & creamy like frosting but not too greasy! I have fine curly hair and natural products like this are truly hard to find. My hair is so moisturized but not oily now!!(:O) Will definitely buy again! Thanks also for the free sample!! :)”

Jessalyn (Texas)


“…smooth, creamy texture, smells divine! My natural hair loves this!”

Sonya (Virginia)


“Your Madagascar Creme is so wonderful! Softness,shine, moisture all in this product. I love it on my hair. I have put it in my hair with a little water and it really defines my curl. I’m still experimenting with it. It melts almost like butter when I apply it to my hair. It is nice and heavy. The smell…reminds me of vanilla icecream. This is something I will want to be a part of my beauty regimen always.”

Denise (Florida)


“I love this product– it adds moisture without disturbing my curls or shrinking them and it adds oil/shine to help protect them. Plus it smells like homemade buttercream frosting. Yum!”

Akili (Washington)


“I couldn’t wait to try this! It was at my door when I got home, and i tried it immediatly. I have long wavy hair, that is very textured and dry. My frizz is gone, my hair is shiny, I LOVE it! and the smell is wonderful!! Thank you for a wonderful product!”

Gwen (New York)


“I really liked it. It softened my hair and made my natural curls pop. I use it after I wash my hair which is usually daily. I look forward to trying more of your products!”

Adrienne (Georgia)


“I am so very pleased with this product and Lysandra’s excellent customer service. I will have been napptural 1 year on Memorial Day. I have tried several natural product lines along this journey; however, I now believe that I can stop my search. The turnaround was great and Lysandra even included an extra goody that I simply inquired about. I applied the MVSC to freshly washed hair and allowed it to air dry overnight in twists. I awoke the next morning with shiny, well-moisturized hair. And my twist out is crisp and beautiful. For all of you fellow 4b nappturals, this one is definitely a keeper. Great product! I can’t wait to try other products by Lysandra. Keep up the good work!”

Hope (North Carolina)


“Thanks for sending this out to me so fast! I tried it on my hair today, and it’s making my natural curls moisturized and defined — the two things I want. It’s better than CD’s Hair Milk — I may be converting to your product! And thanks for the little samples of oils and fragrances — a much appreciated surprise! Good luck with your work.!”

Sarah (Pennsylvannia)


“LOVE this creme. It smells more like a soft vanilla after it’s been on the hair and skin for a while. It moisturizes perfectly without being greasy or heavy. Perfect for my natural, locked hair!”

Shanesha (Michigan)


“Smells absolutely delicious, and leaves my hair very soft. I am a transitioning 4b.”

Audra (Illinois)


“Very fast shipping and take the time to personally thank you by writing thank you on the invoice and the presentation is just beautiful. Thank you”

Yolanda (North Carolina)


“I love the subtle vanilla fragrance and the thick custard like consistency of this hair creme. I did not have to use a lot on my wet hair and it did not leave my hair looking greasy. The time you put into this products shows, 110%!! Thanks for fast shipping, great communication, and the extra hair treat!!!”

Jacquie (Illinois)


“I really love this product. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents and this has a subtle fragrance. This is very moisturizing and has a great hold for twists.”

Nicole (New Jersey)


“The quality is out of this world. I’ll be back for more. Thanks!”

Mignon (Virginia)


“omg this stuff is AWESOME!!! i put it on my type 4B hair and it feels like cotton. i also used it as lotion, and my skin feels amazing! thank you so much! and the soap smells sooo good too :)”

Kia (Georgia)

Organic Coconut Butter Pomade

“My waves are springy and defined and so pretty – thank you! The natural ingredients are wonderful and I don’t feel the need to wash my hands after I use the product – just rub it into my cuticles instead.”

Lorrian (California)

Tucuma Butter Moisture Whip

“Darcy’s Botanicals products are staples for me now!! I will always make sure I don’t run out! I got my kernel butter in lavender vanilla and it smells divine.

I used the palm cherry on top of the organic coconut aloe pudding before flat twisting and I am impressed. Easy to apply, light, and quite moisturizing!!!

I am left with soft cottony hair with a few coilies popping here and there!! Thank you Lysandra for making amaazing products!!

Amina (Indiana)

Organic Coconut & Aloe Moisture Pudding

“This pudding is very light , it acts like a setting lotion for the style of twists or braids, added with the coconut pomade on top is wonderful”

Temeka (New Jersey)